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Map, a global provider of database design and management solutions, has announced a free release of the latest version of its database toolkit – MYdbPAL(r) for the popular MySQL(r) open source database. MYdbPAL, an integrated set of facilities for database developers and administrators was previously on sale for $ 875 per seat. Now in an effort to support the MySQL community, IT-Map will provide this product as a “no charge” offering. Product Support, Training and related Consulting will be on the usual “for fee” basis.

“dbPAL should be in everyone’s database management arsenal,” said Michael Grey – acclaimed author of “MySQL: Essential Skills”, a McGraw-Osborne book. “Both database developers and administrators can benefit from this powerful, intuitive and fully integrated suite of programs. The easy-to-use GUI functions on a myriad of levels: design, development, ETL, and best of all, migration to MySQL from just about any other database platform, as well as from legacy databases.” Finally, Grey glowingly endorses, “MySQL developers should eagerly embrace this opportunity to get a proven, effective commercial product absolutely free.”

IT-Map President Tim Hayes states, “There is now an undeniable shift in the market away from costly software licenses. I am not sure if this is simply the fruit of the open source movement, or a more complex shift based upon market forces.” Hayes, a seasoned veteran of over 30 years in the IT arena says, “Clearly, with this release, our objective is to draw attention to the benefits of our cross platform database and lifecycle management technologies, which we believe are ‘Best in Class’ and well ahead of all competitive offerings. On a per implementation basis, users will benefit substantially from very clear cost savings achieved with MYdbPAL for MySQL. Those cost reductions will in turn add substantially to the overall TCO savings when evaluating a move to the MySQL database platform.”

“This is an exciting announcement from our partner IT-Map” said Bertrand Matthelié, director of Alliances for MySQL AB. “IT-Map is showing strong confidence in their MYdbPAL product by making such an appealing offer to existing and potential MySQL users and we’re very supportive of their efforts.”

About IT-Map

IT-Map, Inc. is a privately held corporation that is headquartered in Troy, Michigan. They have been established since 1998 developing and marketing software solutions for the database design, development and management application space. IT-Map International was founded in 1996 and has supplied solutions to many clients across North America, Europe and the Far East. MYdbPAL is a member of the dbPAL family of database products that include dbEnvoy. For further information please visit www.it-map.com or contact the company at 248 651 9447.

About MySQL

MySQL AB develops, markets and supports a family of high performance, affordable database servers and tools. The company’s flagship product is MySQL, the world’s most popular open source database, with more than five million active installations. Many of the world’s largest organizations, including Yahoo!, Sabre Holdings, Cox Communications, The Associated Press and NASA, are realizing significant cost savings by using MySQL to power Web sites, business-critical enterprise applications and packaged software. MySQL AB is a second generation open source company, with dual licensing that supports both open source values and corporate customers’ needs in a profitable, sustainable business. For more information about MySQL, please go to www.mysql.com.

Copyright (c) 2004, IT-Map, Inc. MySQL is a registered trademark of MySQL AB in the USA and other countries. dbPAL and MYdbPAL are registered trademarks of IT-Map, Inc.

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