• JSONiq
    JSONiq is a query language that is outlined for the widely known JSON data model. The most important conceptions of jSONiq were derived from the hard learnt lesson for over 30 years of relational query systems as well as over 15 years of gained expertise in executing and designing query languages for data that is semi-structured. In respect to this, JSONiq is a demonstrative and highly optimizable language to update and query all types of JSONiq store or resource. In addition, it assists developers to leverage uniform productive high-level language across different kinds of NoSQL’s products.
  • Jaql
    It is a functional query language that provides operators with a simple and suggestive syntax to perform operations like filtering, joining and grouping JSON data. Jaql also enables one to write and use defined functions in expressions.
  • SQL
    It is a query language developed for controlling data that is kept in a database management system. Query is the most common activity in SQL and incorporates a list of columns to include in the overall outcomes, following immediately the ‘SELECT’ keyword. Another activity in SQL is expressions which can result in either tables or scalar value containing rows and columns of data. Another activity is predicating which gives the exact conditions that are ‘true/false/unknown’ or instead Boolean truth values which in the most cases are confound to be used to minimize and reduce the effects of queries and statements, or to alter with the flow of any program which would cause disorder of the data.
  • MQL
    This is Meta web Query Language, which is generally the JSON based database query language specifically maintained by Freebase.
  • JSONQuery
    This is a new query language module intended to improve and sauced upon the JSONPath module. JSONQuery gives an informative number of data querying tools ranging from: recursive search, sorting, range selection, and filtering with various operators.
  • SQLike
    This is the most comprehensive join syntax which increases its audience by the use of SQL other than Linq metaphor.
    This JSON query language allows one to perform operations with a range of data which uses query style syntax to choose and arrange records. It is useful when one has medium sized range of information that could be arranged with order because it simplifies working with a variety of raw data by giving easy commands for selecting.
    JSINQ is a comprehensive accomplishment of LINQ to objects in JavaScript meaning that if you are aware of JavaScript and LINQ the JSING is easy to understand and manipulate data with.
    It is an implementation of LINQ to objects implemented in JavaScript as it is built using a numbert of extension methods on top of the JavaScript Array object. It is simple thus if one is using Arrays then they can use JSLINQ.
  • TrimQuery
    It is a component that lets an individual have the strength of SQL while running in a web browser. It is completely written in standard JavaScript.