Firstly we need to know that what a programming language is.

Group of instructions is known as program. Any language for expressing a set of detailed instructions for a digital computer is a programming language. A programming language is designed to help process certain kinds of data consisting of numbers characters and strings and to provide useful output information. The task of processing of data is accomplished by executing a sequence of precise instructions called program. These instructions are formed by using symbols and words according to some rules of every language. All the programming languages have some limitations and have their own words or coding on which a computer works upon.

Some of the programming languages are c++ , java, python , ruby etc.

When it comes to expandability programming languages are good at it. To cope up with the users for the organizations, the entrepreneur look forward for such programming languages that are reliable and durable. While choosing the programming language it becomes important to think about the size of the organization you are developing it for.

The systems that are written for the interactive websites may need to support a huge number of users without any crashing. Therefore it becomes necessary to opt such programs that can expand itself. These programming languages have various data types that can be expanded with object oriented programming i.e.

  • The numbers which are paraphrased as numbers, some of the languages that may be consider integers, floating point numbers and the doubles to be the different data types.
  • The string that are parsed as text
  • The arrays that are the list of the elements
  • The objects that may be the dictionaries of the key value pairs
  • The functions that are the pieces of code. These codes can be executed with the arguments.

The programming languages may be interpreted or compiled. This means that these are either executed directly or may even translate into another language. For an instance, Java and C are compiled while java script and Python are interpreted. In this context Java and the Java script language are completely different programmings with no as such relation in semantics, grammar, or uses. Languages mainly consist of a parser, an interpreter and the primitives. A parser is the one that coverts a string of text into a data structure which can be interpreted very easily. An interpreter or the compiler understands the data structure and then interprets it. The primitives are the built in functions and values.

Some of the programming language can’t support simultaneous users. Such as BBC basic. This kind of programming language would unable to cope up with the demands placed because of the users. Such an example of the language is the visual basic .net that may cope up with these users. This happens because most of the applications within the windows are created by this language and easily coping up with the demands of the user, hence coming out to be good when it comes to expandability.