Billerica, Mass. (PRWEB) May 25, 2010

VoltDB, LLC, announced today the general availability of the VoltDB OLTP database management system (DBMS). Under the leadership of Postgres and Ingres co-founder, Mike Stonebraker, VoltDB has been developed as a next-generation, open-source DBMS that has been shown to process millions of transactions per second on inexpensive clusters of off-the-shelf servers. It has outperformed traditional OLTP database systems by a factor of 45 on a single server, and unlike NoSQL key-value stores, VoltDB can be accessed using SQL and ensures transactional data integrity (ACID). VoltDB is ideal for developers of ad serving, gaming, software as a service (SaaS), financial trading, on-line businesses and other systems with large, fast-growing transaction volumes because VoltDB scales out easily on low-cost servers while providing automatic high availability for 24×7 operation.

“We have been using a pre-release version of VoltDB for several months, and its performance and scalability have exceeded any DBMS we’ve used before” said Michael Rauchman, CTO at electronic trading firm Getco, LLC. “We rely on new technology to provide us with a competitive edge, and we believe our partnership with VoltDB will allow us to create solutions that were previously technically or economically infeasible due to DBMS limitations.”

A Revolutionary DBMS Design for Today’s Web-Scale Workloads and Multi-core Hardware

Most OLTP databases are based on 30-year-old designs conceived before the rise of today’s massive “web-scale” database workloads. Traditional databases can spend more than 90% of their time on overhead such as logging, locking, latching and buffer management, which limits their ability to perform and scale. Other techniques such as flash-optimized or in-memory databases (IMDB) eliminate some of this overhead for modest performance improvements. VoltDB leverages in-memory processing too, but also eliminates all other legacy DBMS overhead for even more dramatic performance and scalability gains; it also retains transactional consistency (ACID), which simplifies application development.

“The elegance of the VoltDB design is breathtaking. It’s enabling us to create a new kind of game world that was impossible before,” said Henning Diedrich, CEO of on-line game developer Eonblast Corporation. “VoltDB is faster than MySQL with Memcached, and always returns valid data. It is designed to scale without pain and at a fraction of the cost. It’s more useful than key-value stores and even allows for cleaner SQL schemas than MySQL or Oracle.”

The VoltDB design advantage stems from an in-memory, distributed database partitioning concept that is optimized to run on today’s memory-rich servers with multi-core CPUs. The combination of the following design elements makes the VoltDB architecture so unique, innovative and effective:

Data is held in memory (instead of on disk) for maximum throughput, which eliminates buffer management.
VoltDB distributes data—and a SQL engine to process it—to each CPU core in the server cluster.
Each single-threaded partition operates autonomously, eliminating the need for locking and latching.
Data is automatically replicated for intra-cluster high availability, which eliminates logging.
VoltDB performance scales out near linearly by simply adding additional servers to the cluster.

VoltDB Benchmark Results

Tests have shown VoltDB can process 45 times more transactions per second than a well-tuned, traditional DBMS:

VoltDB processed 53,000 transactions per second (TPS) on a single node versus the other DBMS processing just 1,155 TPS on identical hardware. VoltDB scalability was near linear—running the same test on a 12-node VoltDB cluster processed 560,000 TPS.
A customer’s on-line gaming benchmark processed 1.3 million TPS on a 12-node VoltDB cluster.
VoltDB has also been benchmarked against a NoSQL key-value store, and VoltDB executed a variety of key-value store workloads with equal or better performance.
Availability and open source licensing

VoltDB is available immediately from The open-source Community Edition is licensed under the GPL and is available for free. Pricing for annual subscriptions starts at $ 15,000 per year for a 4-server configuration. Visit for detailed VoltDB pricing.

About VoltDB, LLC

Founded in 2009 by DBMS R&D pioneer Mike Stonebraker, and serial entrepreneur, Andy Palmer, VoltDB eliminates traditional price/performance and scalability bottlenecks via an innovative DBMS architecture that combines in-memory processing, a shared-nothing scale-out architecture and a unique solution to ensure high-availability 24×7. Unlike NoSQL alternatives, VoltDB does not sacrifice SQL or ACID (transactional integrity), so there’s less of a learning curve, less coding and less complexity. Investors in VoltDB include Vertica Systems, and GETCO, LLC an electronic trading and technology firm. VoltDB, LLC is headquartered outside of Boston, MA. and is led by some of the best data management and software entrepreneurs in the business from Oracle, HP, MIT, IBM and Vertica.

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