White Salmon, Washington (PRWEB) March 3, 2008

The PostgreSQL Community Conference is a series of conferences designed to promote the World’s most advanced Open Source Database, PostgreSQL. The conference series which holds two major conferences a year (EAST and WEST) and multiple mini-conferences (PGDays) is enjoying an extraordinary level of popularity among new and current users of PostgreSQL alike.

The conference is used as a educational event for users of the database. The current conference, EAST, is providing talks and tutorials on topics ranging from, Deploying PostgreSQL in the Windows Enterprise to SQL/XML for Developers to Using PostgreSQL in a Web 2.0 environment. If you are interested in Relational Databases, Open Source and Enterprise class services without the hundred thousand dollar price tag, this is the conference to attend.

The conference series is designed to be a geographically strategic series of conferences that allow contributors, current users and future users/developers to learn and network.

Each conference is held in an academic facility, students and educators are free. Our goal is to establish a series of forums for local developers, administrators and users to mingle with leading PostgreSQL contributors.

The presentations are focused on practical applications — what developers and DBAs are doing right now and how that could help you. An attendee will walk away with tools and information they can apply. As well as more advanced topics about things you will be doing in the future.

Registration for EAST 08, which is being held at University of Maryland on March 29 and 30, is now open.

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