MongoDB is an open source database and you can find the location at where you can find all distribution for your desired platform including 32 and 64 bit operating system even though it’s available for both platform 32 and 64 but MongoDB recommends to use 64 in production environment as some of the features are missing in 32 bit operating system, Mongo is written in C++ and bellow is screenshot of GUI where you can download the database as of now Production Release (2.4.8) is out and you can use that.

MongoDB Download MongoDB home to Internet

Once you downloaded the flavor of MongoDB depending on your platform that you are using but I’m using windows but I believe all other platform download content would be similar, in the folder you download you will see bellow execute-bale files.

MongoDB files list of executable when you downloaded MongoDB

MongoD the third from the top is the Mongo Daemons or the server and Mongo it’s the shell we will be using this to connect to the server and perform our operation, other executable are pretty much their name is explained them like for import and export, for back up and recover but we need to learn first how to start the server.

Before we go ahead and run the MongoDB we need to create a directory where our data files will be stored the default directory is /data/db so in order for us to start MongoDB we have to create this directory at first place.

MongoDB creating data file Creating default directory for data files

Once our directory exits then we can simply run our MongoDB executable as bellow screenshot.

MongoDB up and running MongoDB is running normally without any issue on highlighted port

Once you run this without any argument then MongoDB is up and running and it’s open for business in port 27017 but if you want to stop the MondoDB you can simply run Ctrl+C in windows and it will automatically stop the MongoDB for you it will take care of flushing and everything else in background to shut down your database cleanly.

As you can see it was clearly very simple to up and run MongoDB with other database you need to do a lot of other pre-requisite in operating system level in order to install your database but when it comes to MongoDB they clearly made it as simple as eating a cake, all you need to do is run MangoDB daemon it all compiled with C++ and give us an executable to run in any environment we want.