Let’s talk about NoSQL in the cloud and how many companies have their own flavor of NoSQL database, there is no doubt about that NoSQL and cloud co-existed for long time like if you think about scalability of the web that is happening around the “world wide web” it’s all mostly because of NoSQL and Map Reduce, I’m going through some example and kinds of NoSQL Database that famous company have and used internally for long time.


Amazon had their own NoSQL database since the beginning named SimpleDB which they used it for long time, and also Amazon is using another NoSQL database internally called Dynamo which recently they launched this on Amazon Web Services as a DynamoDB which have some component from both world of their NoSQL database SimpleDB and DynamoDB.


They had their own flavor of NoSQL database called Azure Tables and plus recently they have introduce their own NoSQL database on the cloud called Hadoop in Azure/Hbase which is available for business to any company who want their virtual cloud base database with the technology of Hadoop and NoSQL.

These were some example of big companies who have their own cloud base implementation of Hadoop and NoSQL database but there are other companies who have their own NoSQL database which you can install locally in your own hosted machine to have more control over it a company called MongoHQ have their own database called MongoDB and another company called Cloudant have their own database called CouchDB these are just some example from those companies but there are many other companies that have their own implementation of NoSQL database.

You can also take approach of do it yourself which is you can buy Virtual environment from one of those companies that provide Virtual servers like Amazon Elastic Computing aka Amazon EC2 which then you can install either MongoDB or CouchDB.

So these were some of the NoSQL in database in the cloud and also you can use them out of cloud means in your own locally installed machines to have more control over them or you have the option to buy virtual servers and install them there and that gives you more scalability and control if in any time you want to scale your database then you can do it in minutes without waiting for the servers to buy locally all you need to do is do the payment and you can be up and running in minutes.