(PRWEB) November 2, 2003

DB Best Technologies, www.dbbest.com,is launching its new Migration Platform at the 2003 PASS Community Summit in Seattle this November 12th and 13th.

DB Best Technologies, a Silicon Valley company, is the leading provider of advanced customer centric solutions for automated cross platform development and database migration.

The DB Best Migration Platform automates database migration from Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server. It has demonstrated successful rates of automated conversion of up to 95% making it the performance leader in the market. It will also be used by customers for rapid conversion of database application products from Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server.

The full-featured DB Best Migration Platform is a complete solution for automated migration and cross platform database development. It uses unique, patent pending technologies with an intuitive user interface that provides users with speed, accuracy and efficiency. Features include project assessment, migration process tracking, total number of each type of objects, their status, percentage of work completed, one click database conversion,side by side code comparison, data conversion, fullest mapping of PL/SQL to Transact-SQL and a visualization tool that allows users to click on a component in Oracle database and see the equivalent component highlighted in Microsoft SQL Server.

The user-friendly development GUI allows you to compare between Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database stored procedures, functions, triggers, packages, data, and schema. The GUI allows the code to be tuned to obtain the optimal conversion scenario to satisfy unique needs.

Besides the DB Best Migration Platform targeting Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server migrations, it also gives companies the power to move products from Oracle backend to Microsoft SQL Server to reach new customers.