Helsinki, Finland (PRWEB) May 13, 2009

Monty Program Ab, a MySQL database engineering company, and Percona, a MySQL services and support firm, today announced the “The Open Database Alliance,” a vendor-neutral consortium designed to become the industry hub for the MySQL open source database, including MySQL and derivative code, binaries, training, support, and other enhancements for the MySQL community and partner ecosystem. The Open Database Alliance will comprise a collection of companies working together to provide the software, support and services for MariaDB, an enterprise-grade, community-developed branch of MySQL.

The intent of the Open Database Alliance is to unify all MySQL-related development and services, providing a solution to the fragmentation and uncertainty facing the communities, businesses and technical experts involved with MySQL. Still under development, the Open Database Alliance is open to all businesses, organizations and individuals interested in helping create a new, centralized resource for MySQL and to ensure that it remains a top quality, high performance open source database.

Monty Program Ab, founded by Monty Widenius, the “father” of the MySQL database, and Percona, established by MySQL expert Peter Zaitsev, are the founding members of the Open Database Alliance. Monty Program is currently the primary developer of MariaDB, a branch of the MySQL database that includes all major open source storage engines, including the Maria transactional storage engine.

“Our goal with the Open Database Alliance is to provide a central clearinghouse for MySQL development, to encourage a true open development environment with community participation, and to ensure that MySQL code remains extremely high quality,” noted Monty. “Participating members at this stage in the ‘Alliance’ will have a strong voice in how the organization is structured, and we look forward to collaborating with anyone in the industry that provides or depends on MySQL.”

The Open Database Alliance’s expertise and long-term perspective is assured by the support of Monty Program, under the direction of MySQL’s original founder, and by Percona, as a leading provider of MySQL services and enhancements (MySQLPerformanceBlog, Xtradb, Xtrabackup).

The Open Database Alliance will make further announcements in the coming months as it moves forward to implement the vision of its founders.

For additional information about the Open Database Alliance, including how to join, please contact:

Ethan O’Rafferty, Open Database Alliance Partnerships

mobile: +1 510-501-1221 (GMT -7)

Michael “Monty” Widenius, CEO Monty Program AB

mobile: +358-400-603-271 (GMT + 3)

Peter Zaitsev, CEO Percona Inc.

mobile: +1-888-401-3401 Ext 505 (GMT -7)

For more information about MariaDB, please go to

About Monty Program Ab

Monty Program ( provides expert engineering services for the MySQL code base. The company is driving the production of the MariaDB server and its new Maria storage engine through close collaboration with the community. Monty Program is currently seeking top talent to engage in development of MariaDB.

About Percona

Percona ( is an elite provider of support and consulting for MySQL and LAMP stack environments.

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