NoSQL database is broken down to 4 Major categories and in this article I would go briefly over types of them and what particular jobs of storing data they are doing and also I would like to mention some of the big names who fall under those 4 categories.

Key-Value Stores:

Key valued stores are those types of NoSQL database that are scheme free, and also your values stored as key i.e in one column you will be having a key “Name” and the value would be “Zack” and in the second column it’s not necessary mean that you must have the value of Name again you could store different kind of data in the same column in different row, and also you could have more column in one row than previous or vice versa, this is the most common kinds of NoSQL database that are currently in the market and other kinds of NoSQL database are built upon the principle of this kinds of NoSQL database and added some features on that.

Database that come under Key-Values are:

Key-Value NoSQL Database Some of Key-Value NoSQL Database

Azure table storage
Amazon SimpleDB

Document Stores:

These kinds of NoSQL database are very interesting because instead of rows and columns your data is stored in documents and these simply sored in JavaScript like JASON JavaScript Object Notation and the language of the database that is used internally is JavaScript.

Since JavaScript is very popular in the web market and most of the developer are familiar with that language already these kinds of NoSQL database are very popular with web developer and also these kinds of NoSQL database are same as Key-Value Stores are Scheme free.

Database that come under Document Stores are:

Document NoSQL database Some of Document NoSQL database

– MarkLogic
– Jackrabbit
– ThruDB

Wide Column Stores:

This is another kinds of NoSQL database which they are not Scheme free they are kinds of semi Structured database which means you need to specify a groups of columns in these database and they are called Column Families what it really means is that you will have some kinds of master Column name and then in each row you could have different column names which would be different from your master column name.

Database that come under Column Stores are:

Column Store NoSQL database some of Column Store NoSQL database

-Apache Hbase
– Cassandra
– BigTable
– Hypertable
– Qbase
– OpenNeptune
– Sqrrl Enterprise

Graph Databases:

These kinds of NoSQL database are the most specialized kinds of database they are focused on the relationship between entities rather than entities themselves, they are mostly famous on social media and very useful in that field because it’s best to use in social graphs and taking your social media and your group of friends you could better understand these kinds of database.

Database that come under Graph Databases are:

NoSQL Graph Database some of NoSQL Graph Database


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